Keeping It Fresh

Coffee in JarCWR Cup PrintedOur coffee is delivered to your door in a 250gram resealable kraft bag full of fresh-roasted goodness.  We recommend buying whole bean and using your own grinder so you can enjoy the freshness of Coffeewala Roasters coffee a little longer.  Even though the bag itself will work as storage, roasted coffee has proven to stay fresher longer if you store it in a glass jar.

What we’ve discovered is that storing your fresh-roasted coffee in a glass jar not only preserves its freshness longer but also allows the coffee to rest and attain its peak flavor.

I found that with our Chikmagalur Coffee if it rests for 3-4 days it actually becomes stronger in taste. But the key is transferring your coffee from its original packaging into a clean, odorless glass jar with a lid that tightens well.

We’ve used jam and honey jars but if they’ve been previously used just make sure they’ve been cleaned and dried thoroughly and there isn’t any remaining smells that may adulterate the coffee’s taste.

If you can find these in the local market, I highly recommend these jars, the smaller one will hold up to 750grams of roasted coffee (3 bags) or the larger ones that will hold up to a 1.25 kilos (5 bags) and they’ve worked great in keeping our coffee fresh.


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