Brewing Coffee With A Coffee Sock

Coffee Sock

This method of brewing coffee can be found throughout SE Asia, especially in Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Soon Coffeewala Roasters will offer cloth filters on our website.

The coffee sock is made of muslin cloth and is sewn around a wire that allows you to hold the sock above your coffee mug.

Use a fine grind for your coffee.  Use 2 tablespoons per 150ml of boiling water.  Place the coffee in boiling water and turn off the heat source.  Let seep for 5 minutes.  Pour the coffee through the coffee sock and filter into your cup.  If you want a stronger taste, feel free to repour the coffee through the filter a second time.  Add milk after the filtering process is complete.  If you have sweetened condensed milk, this makes for a nice treat as well, just like you’ll find on the streets of SE Asia!


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