Brewing Coffee Turkish Style


There are many styles of pots that can be used to make Turkish Coffee, preferred would be a pot made of copper or steel, but aluminum is also good.

For every 150 ml of water, add two table spoons of finely ground coffee.  Use freshly ground and freshly roasted coffee for the best effect.

My favorite recipe:

Add 150 ml water, 2 tbl sps of coffee, and 1-2 tsps of sugar (add green cardamom for extra taste).  Place over low flame.  As the creme begins to foam up, use a spoon and capture all the foam and place along the edges of your coffee glasses.  As coffee comes to a boil let it foam up 2 or 3 times then extinguish the flame.  Pour coffee into the glasses.  Let sit for 1-2 minutes so the coffee grinds sink to the bottom.  Serve with a glass of water on the side, great with something sweet too.  Serves 2 people.



-Ibrik, Chezve, or a small pot

-coffee mugs or chai glasses

-measuring spoon

-measuring cup



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