Brewing Coffee With An Aeropress


Yet another really great way to get the most taste out of your coffee and absolutely amazing for travel!


(1) aeropress scoop (17 g, 3 tbl sps) of freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee (medium grind)

Take the plunger and place it upside down and push it into the brewing tube until the rubber portion is at the number 4.

Place the coffee into the brewer tube.

Boil water.

Pour just enough water to wet the coffee and let bloom for 30 seconds.

Set timer for 1 minute and start.

Continue pouring water until you reach the number 3 line in the brewer tube.

Use the Aeropress stirrer and stir the coffee and water for a good mix.

Pour more water until you reach the number 2 line in the brewer tube.

Screw the black cap with a fresh paper filter onto the brewer tube.

After 1 minute, turn aeropress right side up and place over coffee mug.  Press plunger, the air pressure will force the water through the coffee for a nice espresso-like cup of coffee.  Add hot water and milk as you like.



-Aeropress (includes the brewer tube, the plunger, the stirrer, scoop measurement spoon, paper filter, and sealing cap)


-Grinder (preferably a burr grinder)




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