To Fridge Or Not To

“To fridge or not to fridge, that is the question”

-Author Unknown, but possibly a contemporary of Shakespeare

How many of us have heard that putting your beans or grounds in the fridge or freezer are suppose to keep the coffee tasting fresh longer?  See Keeping It Fresh for more info.

I know I have done so for many years, call it a family tradition.  But this just isn’t a good idea, especially if you don’t seal the bag or container.  But it may still be a bad idea according to this excerpt from Seriously, Stop Refrigerating These Foods:

“Go ahead and refrigerate your leftover iced coffee from lunch, but coffee beans and grounds should really be stored more carefully. Condensation created by the fridge or freezer can affect the flavor of the beans, and sensitive palates can detect the difference. For best results, store beans or grounds in an airtight container outside the refrigerator instead.”

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